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When your dream becomes reality, we keep it alive with our aesthetics, art and passion.

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Santorini wedding photographer: Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You have finished with all the necessary details you have been working on for months. You have booked a beautiful church and a nice club in which you are sure your friends will have fun after your wedding ceremony.

But what most of us want more, is to keep these memories alive forever. To remember the emotions we experienced those moments and be able to share them with our loved ones after the wedding ceremony. This is the main reason why wedding photography is one of the most important parts of the whole wedding process. Photos and videos from your wedding day are the only means by which you can live again these unique moments and keep them forever in your memories.

Wedding Photography

With over 30 years of experience in wedding photography, we offer professional services in Santorini.

Using modern equipment, we manage to cover all the major events taking place at the wedding ceremony.

  • The preparation of the couple
  • The change in wedding rings and crowns
  • The couple’s dance at the celebration after the wedding

are just some of the important parts of the ceremony that a professional Santorini wedding photographer should record on his camera. Wedding photo exists to keep wonderful memories. Memories the wedding photographer ought to capture with enthusiasm, professionalism and high value.

That’s exactly what we are offering to you!

When your dream becomes reality, we keep it alive with our aesthetics, art and passion.

Professional Services

Our wedding photography package includes:

  • Photo shooting and filming video before the wedding ceremony
  • Arrival in the church and photographing the place, the decorations, etc.
  • Ceremony capture / recording
  • Family photos and photography, video recording with the couple, after the ceremony
  • Photo and video shooting in unique places of Santorini
  • Photographing and video recording the celebration after the wedding
  • Editing and sending all wedding photos in high resolution
  • Digital photo albums production
  • DVD disc with video clip with highlights of the wedding (including editing)
  • USB stick with full HD video resolution (playback on TV, PC, etc.)

Why choose us - Santorini wedding photographer

With my long-term experience as a professional Santorini wedding photographer, I guarantee the wonderful results both in the photos and in the videos of your wedding. Photography is a passion and a profession for us. It is a way of life. We take pictures of moments, expressions and emotions in a magical way. Using the most up-to-date equipment and technical knowledge we manage photo and video coverage of marriages, baptisms & other social events. We know our job, we love our work, we are going to make the best for you. Contact us now and give an artistic style to your special moments.

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